Anil Verma, private tutor at Simply Tutored
Anil Verma 
Managing Director 
(11+, Maths & Science Specialist - to GCSE) 
I have worked in primary and secondary schools and have extensive experience of providing 11+, maths and science tuition, up to GCSE level. I enjoy developing our students' knowledge, understanding, confidence and performance. Helping them achieve the best marks they can and get into their preferred school is very satisfying. Both of my daughters passed their 11+ tests. My elder daughter attended Langley Grammar School, where I was a governor for 8 years. She is now a doctor. My younger daughter was the Deputy Head Girl at Herschel Grammar School and is now a politics graduate. 
Graeme Smith 
(Common Entrance Specialist) 
I have worked in a number of Prep Schools and have extensive experience of preparing pupils for all aspects of grammar school entrance examinations as well as independent senior schools exams, interviews and tasks at 11+ and 13+. I firmly believe in high academic aspirations linked with developing the learner’s self-awareness, thus making them better learners. I have taught most subjects from Nursery to Year 8 but did specialise, for some years, as a Head of Maths and Reasoning. I have also spent time as a school governor. Currently, I work in school leadership and inspect independent schools. 
Neha Verma 
(English Specialist - to GCSE) 
I am a graduate from Queen Mary University of London. I have been teaching with Simply Tutored for many years and have enjoyed helping students develop their confidence and knowledge in their chosen subject. I specialise in English and am a patient tutor, with experience of teaching students with specialist needs. I achieved full marks in my 11+ tests and attended Herschel Grammar School. 
Anil Verma, private tutor at Simply Tutored
Noor Ul Mannan 
(Maths Specialist - to A Level) 
I am a 3rd year student at Royal Holloway University, studying economics. I have a real passion for maths and love teaching it up to A Level. I also teach science up to GCSE and A Level economics. I enjoy engaging my students and explaining concepts to them simply. At A Level I achieved an A* in economics. 
Anil Verma, private tutor at Simply Tutored
Fayyad Uddin 
(Biology & Chemistry Specialist - to A Level) 
I am a recent graduate of Imperial College London, holding a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering. My profound interest in STEM, coupled with a genuine passion for nurturing young minds in Maths and Science, is evident through my extensive tutoring experience. Specializing in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Further Maths up to A Level, I bring a strong academic foundation with two A* and two A grades. My teaching approach revolves around building confidence and tailoring lessons to suit the unique needs and abilities of my students. 
Tejo Bonthu 
(Physics Specialist - to A Level)  
I am a 4th year student at University College London, studying chemical engineering, with several years of tutoring experience. I enjoy teaching A level physics and maths and sharing my passion for these subjects with my students. At A leveI I achieved an A* in maths and an A in physics and chemistry. 
Ismail Peerbocus 
I am a 2nd year student at Royal Holloway University, studying computer science and maths. I tutor maths to GCSE level with a focus on inspiring and challenging students. My supportive and patient approach helps them step beyond their comfort zones to fulfill their potential, making learning both enjoyable and effective. I achieved a grade 8 in my GCSE maths and sciences. 
Jindveer Kaur Uppal 
I recently finished my A Levels at a grammar school and am taking a gap year to work on growing myself as an individual. I achieved a grade 9 in my GCSE maths and English and a grade 8 in my sciences. I am enthusiastic and strive to help students become confident, by building strong groundwork for them to excel from. I have experience in teaching 11+ and maths up to GCSE. 
Francis Venczel 
I am a 1st year student at Royal Holloway University, studying law. I am a passionate English tutor, with a deep love for language and literature. I enjoy helping young people develop an understanding of the complexities of English. Having helped students in years 7 to 11, I have experience of different learning styles and can adapt my teaching method to fit the needs of each student. I embrace the idea of lifelong learning and consider myself to be a lifelong student, who develops alongside my students. My goal is to establish a welcoming and stimulating learning atmosphere, where students are encouraged to investigate, evaluate and flourish in the study of English language and literature. 
Isobel Waters 
I have recently graduated in geography from Royal Holloway University. I have experience of teaching primary school, GCSE and A Level students. I enjoy working with them to help them get the grades they want and grow their confidence. I teach geography up to A Level and maths and English up to GCSE. I achieved an A* in geography at A Level. 
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